8 days/7 nights Greece pilgrime tour

An awe-inspiring eight days visiting important Christian sites in Greece



Day 1

Arrival at the airport and transfer to the hotel.


Day 2

See the old city ramparts; the newly excavated Forum, St. George Church, an ancient Roman monument which was transformed into a church and the Galerius Arch which rises over the famous Via Egnatia. The remainder of the day is free to relax and explore on your own.


Day 3

Thessalonica – Philippi (160km/3h) – Kavala (15km/20min) - Thessalonica (153km/1h30min)
Begin the day by following the massive battlement Byzantine wall to the citadel for a panoramic view of the city. Next, visit Philippi and Kavala. Kavala is Greece's prettiest mainland port with a most elegant harbor. This ancient city of Neapolis was later renamed Christoupolis because it was the first European city to accept Christianity. Imagine walking on the same soil as the men of the Bible! See the Roman Aqueduct and the ruins of the Acropolis in this beautifully located city, known since the 5th century as Kavala. Continue on to Philippi. View the baptismal site where Lydia surrendered her life to Christ and visit a crypt dating from the Roman period that is thought to have served as a prison. See the famous Acropolis, the Market Place, Basilica, and the Theatre. Return to Thessalonica and visit St. Demetrius Basilica, dedicated to a distinguished member of the Roman army and a martyred Christian convert, before returning to the hotel for the night.


Day 4

Thessalonica -  Berea - Meteora Monastery (230km/4h)
A stop will be made in Berea to view the Bema surrounded by newly placed mosaics and the plaque of scripture regarding the "more noble" church. Also visit King Phillip's (Alexander's father) tomb in Vergina, one of the most outstanding finds in all of Greece. This afternoon see the world famous Byzantine monasteries that are perched precariously on summits of gray rock pinnacles of varied and beautiful shapes. Their history goes back to the 14th century when the monks sought refuge in the cliff side caves then fled higher to build the original wooden shelters, later transformed into monasteries. Your lodging this evening will be in Meteora.


Day 5

Meteora – Delphi (238km/4h)
From Meteora, the tour travels southward to the lovely mountain region of Delphi - the ancient sanctuary of Apollo. Here you will gain a greater understanding of the Greek religious heritage and their influence on the early Christian church. Also visit the museum where you will marvel at the site of the Charioteer. This afternoon continue southward past Thermopylae and on to the city of Athens, the birth place of democracy. 


Day 6

Delphi - Athens, Acropolis & Mars Hill (186km/3h30min)
Visit the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and Erectheum before viewing Athens atop Mars Hill where Paul stood and preached the truth to the Gentile nation. Additional sites include the Agora (ancient market place and center of Athenian public life), the House of Parliament, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Olympic Stadium, and Presidential Palace.  A short walk from your hotel is the famous Plaka with a multitude of shops and cafes. 


Day 7

Athens - Ancient Corinth (85km/1h20min)
Departing Athens, stop for a rest and photos at the Corinth Canal and then travel to the ancient city of Corinth, another treat for the New Testament scholar. Corinth is the city that inspired many of Paul's most familiar letters. See the Archaeological Museum, the Market Place, the Bema, and the Temples. Experience a devotional in the midst of the ruins of the church of Corinth and see the pillars, steps, and public worship place. The ruins of this important cultural center are fascinating as you walk along the same stone path that the Apostle Paul walked along  The engineering skill and intellect of these people are evident in the water systems that still flow from ancient to modern day. Your Guide will be sure to show you the room dedicated to the medical care of that period. Next, travel to the top of the nearby Acropolis where the guide will speak on the worship practices and point out the bird’s eye view of what was a bustling city of around 800,000 during Paul’s stay. Before ending the day visit Cenchreae, the ancient port region of Corinth. Acts 18:18, states the Apostle Paul stopped at Cenchreae during his second missionary journey, where he had his hair cut to fulfill a vow.  We return to Athens for the evening. 


Day 8

Transfer to the airport.

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